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Help Us Review A Game

Running a news and review site is fun, but since there are more and more games being released, it’s also a very busy job.

We are a small crew here, and don’t always have time to review every game, even though we would like to. So we are calling on you, our readers, to help us. We want you to help us review games that we have missed. They can be Indie, Arcade or Retail games, although for Indie games we only post about the ones we liked and don’t give them a score, as it’s more of a recommendation, than review. You can view our game list here to see what we have done and see if a specific game is missing. We mainly focus on Xbox 360 but PS3 and PC game reviews are welcome.

If you are someone who wants to break into the video game “journalism” scene, this is a great way to have your work read by tens of thousands of readers. Even if you don’t want to do it full-time, why not have your say and tell the world what you thought of a game?

Requirements for a review:

Keep it clean and professional – No swearing, racists remarks, or prejudice of any kind will be published.
Be objective – Just because you love a series, it doesn’t mean every new game in that series is automatically a 10/10.
Be yourself – The words in the review are yours but we will format the look of the review and add relevant screenshots from the game.

Each review that is submitted, will be in a pending state, reviewed by us and then we will submit the best ones. Remember, have fun with it!