About Us

What is The Controller and Why is it Online?

We created this site because we love video games. We want to bring you the latest News, Previews, and Reviews for Xbox 360 games written from a gamer’s perspective. On The Controller Online, you will get info and news about games that should give you a clear idea of whether you want to play that game or not.

Our reviews are written by gamers, for gamers, to give you the information you will need to decide whether a game is for you or not. Our reviews aren’t focused on pandering to established franchises or on pretending to be journalists or intellectuals. We write reviews and previews so you, the reader, can decide. Our news will focus on the games rather than the industry.

Some articles include:

Classic Games – are games we love and, if you are new to the Xbox (or just may not have played them), we know you’ll love them too.

Marketplace – is a section dedicated to everything available on the Xbox Marketplace. From Downloadable Content (DLC) to new XBLA games, you’ll find it there.

Previews – are a look at an upcoming game. These can be in-depth and cover all the details or just details of a certain aspect.

Reviews – Our in-depth review of each game along with a score. To see how we decide the score go to Our Review Score FAQ

Indie Games – We let you know the details on the best Indie games available on Xbox Live. These aren’t formal reviews and aren’t assigned as score. The reason for this is that we don’t review every Indie Game we only write-up the ones worth playing so we don’t think it’s fair to score them.

As much as we love Xbox and it is the primary focus on the site, we don’t have anything against other Platforms, and actually, we play games on them quite a bit too. In the Other Platforms Section we will write about upcoming and current games on other systems, but don’t cover them nearly as in-depth as we do Xbox games. Since the majority of games are multi-platform nowadays anyway, chances are we’re already covering them on Xbox.

You can meet The Staff here and check the Games menu here for all the info on current and upcoming games.

Thanks for stopping by the site, tell your friends and come back soon.

~The Controller Online Team